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How to make this trending Abstract Face card!

Trend Alert! Abstract art and colourful shapes are very much IN when it comes to style. So I thought, ‘why can’t this here-to-stay trend come to the craft world too?’

I know a few friends out there who would love this card because this beautiful art style seems to get the approval off the many. So if you are like me and need some stylish cards to wow your friends, look no further.

To create this design on Cricut Design Space you don’t need to buy the design. YES that is correct! You just need to know how to use the Design Space Tools to create!

If you are new to Cricut Design Space I recommend checking out my beginners blog here or subscribing to my newsletter here gets you a free PDF beginners guide on how to create your own designs in Cricut Design Space.

So let’s get started!

Select a circle and square. Place the square halfway over the circle, select both layers and use the slice tool. Next, take your half circle and duplicate so that you have two. Make one bigger than the other and overlap. Select both layers and slice. Duplicate this half circle strip you have just created and flip so that you have created both eyebrow and eyelid... cont below...

Unlock the top half circle strip you just created by clicking onto the shape and selecting the lock icon. Drag this to resize across so that the brow is wider than the eyelid. Next, take a square and unlock the shape. Make a thin long rectangle for the bridge of the nose. Place at the top of the eyebrow. Make more thin rectangles and place as the bottom of the nose and around your eyelid to create eyelashes.

Select all layers and weld together. Cont. below...

Create another half circle the same as the eyebrow and eyelid. Reshape to begin creating the fringe. Duplicate this flip and position to line up the wave of the fringe. We want a lovely long wavy fringe and so the joining of the half circles is going to give us this. We are going to add some more half circles to the fringe but before we do this take a square and overlap slightly on the edge of the last half circle strip you positioned on the fringe. Select both layers and slice. This just cuts off that upward curl as we want the next half circle strips to travel downwards. Weld your two half circles for the fringe, duplicate this and flip joining to the ends. Select all and weld together. You should now have a lovely wavy fringe.

Now for the lips... Select a heart and a square and overlap the square so that it covers the bottom half of the heart and sits just below the bow of the top of the heart. Select both layers and use the slice tool. Keep both the slice top and bottom of the heart. Unlock and resize the bottom heart so that it is wider and thinner. You can readjust when aligning with the top lip.

Duplicate your bottom lip but make this one smaller and overlap it with the original. Place it in the centre so that there is an even strip all the way around that you can see from the overlap. Select both and slice leaving you with a bottom lip outline.

Now you will do exactly the same for the top lip, take the top half of the heart and duplicate this. Make one larger and position the smaller one over the top so you can see a thin strip around. You make need to unlock the smaller one and resize a little to get an even strip around it.

Select both and slice leaving you with the top lip outline.

Take both outlines position together and weld together. Place the lips with the face and resize to suit the face. Then select all and weld together.

And there you have it. Your own abstract face. Go ahead and trial some ideas with welding and slicing to create the shapes in the background! That is the beauty of abstract, it has no perfection!

You could also use this design on vinyl, I thought about applying it to a plant pot to make it look chic. I also thought on a t-shirt with either infusible ink or iron-on would make it desirable for fashionista’s!

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