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Cricut World Book Day Idea: Alice In Wonderland Rose Sign

World book day has always been one of my favourite days of the year when growing up. I have always been a massive book worm, and world book day always falls on my birthday week! It's always the perfect addition to my birthday celebrations.

In the UK, you would dress up and go to school as your favourite book characters. Now I always look for an excuse to dress up, but this year thought I would use my love of world book day and create this beautiful rose sign inspired by Alice in Wonderland when Alice paints the white roses red in the Queen of Hearts' garden.

I used crepe paper to create the florals as crepe paper is able to hold its shape and create beautiful realistic petals and leaves.

I also used my Cricut Maker machine to cut out all the leaves and petals. It precisely cuts out and is another reason to love the Maker!

You need the Cricut Maker to cut out with Cricut as the rotary blade is needed. You will also need a FabricGrip mat and masking tape to secure to the mat too.

This design was created using free shapes from Cricut Design Space. Mostly circles and hearts! It is amazing how you can use the tools in the Design software such as the slice and weld tool, to create your own shapes.

Here are all the materials you will need:

Cricut Maker Machine

FabricGrip Cutting Mat

Crepe paper light green

Crepe paper mid green

Crepe paper white

Crepe paper red

Masking Tape

Cardboard/board material for sign back board

white cardstock

3D foam pads

foam balls

florist wire

hot glue gun

glue sticks

Double Sided Tape

Here is how to create the Wonderland sign:

Leaf one

Take two hearts and overlap one another flipping one heart vertically and over the bow of the hearts. Select all and weld together.

Leaf two

Take two hearts and overlap one another half was over one half of each heart. Select both layers and use the slice tool. Keep the middle sections shaped like a leaf!

Rose Petal 1

Take a circle shape and unlock, reshaping to an oval. Duplicate this and overlap the circle at the bottom, pointing inwards like a heart shape. Select both layers and weld together.

Rose Petal 2

Duplicate rose petal 1. Take a heart shape, rotate so that the point of the heart is facing upwards. Unlock and reshape wide and thin. Place over the duplicated rose petal and position the heart at the top. Use the unlock feature to smooth the outer line. Select all and weld together.

I cut out around 60 leaves at different sizes.

Each Whole rose:

4x rose petal 1 at 1.5nches high

4x rose petal 1 at 2.2 inches high

4x rose petal 2 at 3 inches high

Each bud :

4x rose petal 1 at 1.5nches high

4x rose petal 1 at 2.2 inches high

Cutting out...

Use your Cricut FabricGrip mat. Secure your crepe paper to the mat and use masking tape around all sides of the mat to secure it down. This is an important step that must not be overlooked!

Use your rotary blade to cut out on the Cricut Maker Machine. You will need the Cricut Maker as the rotary blade is needed to successfully cut out with this material.

Make your roses...

Take a foam ball and florist wire. Insert the wire into the ball then wrap a small scrap of the scrap crepe paper around the ball. Use a hot glue gun to adhere. Take a petal and apply glue to the bottom of the petal. Secure to the ball. Take the next petal and overlap halfway to the previous petal. Work your way around in a clockwise motion.

Make your roses...

Continue glueing each petal. Curl the tops of the petals as you go to resemble a realistic rose petal.

Assemble your sign...

Cut out a piece of crepe paper in one of your leaf colours that is slightly larger than the surface of your sign.

On the back of the board, use double-sided tape around the edges. Wrap the edges over and secure to the tape. Using your glue gun begin attaching the leaves and then around the edges, roses to your sign. Add the text to the centre of the sign.

I hope you love creating the sign as much as I did!

If you would like more information on how to use basic shapes in Cricut Design Space, subscribe to my newsletter and get a free PDF guide featuring tutorials, top tips and more.

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