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Harry Potter Book Nook Crafts Part 2: Quidditch Supplies

It's time for another Harry Potter Book nook update! This time I created the Quidditch Supplies Store!

It has a real different look to the Ollivander's wand shop which I completed in part 1!

I used so many different forms of crafting, I just love projects where you can get into all the tiny details using a variety of crafty skills! From painting, to polymer clay to using my Cricut machine, I used all the skills to pull together this look.

Check out how I made the Quidditch supplies store here:

It looks amazing and for this one, there was a real focus on creating the magic in the shop windows to uniquely identify it as the Quidditch Store from Diagon Alley.

Part 3 will feature the book store Flourish and Blotts and after this all the street details to pull this book nook together.

Thanks for reading



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