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How to create your cat using free shapes in Cricut Design Space

Calling all cat lovers! As a pet owner, I understand that we are a little obsessed with our pets... Scratch that A LOT! And if you are anything like me, combining the love of your fur babies with crafting always makes me very happy!

So this one is for all the crafters with the feline friends. They may even be your crafting companions as even when I write this, Scooby my Jug (Jack Russell X Pug) is by my side as he always is and he is certainly my craft buddy.

Cricut makers can create this right now! You do not need to buy ANY design to make this in Cricut Design Space as I am going to show you how to create your cat using the free shapes in Design Space.

If you are a beginner to Design Space and want to learn a bit about it first, check out my blog here or subscribe to the newsletter here and get a free beginners guide on how to create your own designs in Cricut Design Space.

This is how you make your gorgeous kitties into a papercraft make that would be purr-fect for cards or as wall art for your home.

There are lots of elements to your cat but when you break them down, the shapes are so easy to create. Remember, the weld tool and slice tool are your best friends when it comes to creating your own designs.

Here is how I created the project above after cutting out on my Cricut Machine (and by the way all Cricut machines are capable of cutting this design).

I hope your cats are meowing with glee when they see themselves in papercraft form!

I hope you love this make and if you have any questions feel free to get into contact!

Thanks for reading,



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