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Cricut Iron-On Free Shape idea

Ciao! Level up your iron-on game with a Cricut free shape tutorial that would be suitable for cutting on all machines. (For the Joy you may need to adapt slightly to fit in the width of the machine!)

The free shape tutorials are a perfect way to get used to the tools in Design Space and a great way to try out new things!

If you are a beginner I recommend reading my Design Space for beginners blog here, if you are wanting to understand further how to create your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide on how plus free tutorials and tips and tricks!

One more thing... As this is an Iron-On project, remember to select mirror on when cutting! Trust me, we've all been there and forgotten but keep chanting mirror on, mirror on to save your material!

You will need:

EasyPress 2 Heat Tool (I have used the 9x9 one)

Weeding Tool

Cosmetic Bag

How to make:

Step 1: Select the Text option and write CIAO. Keep the font as Cricut Sans. Duplicate the text and change each layer to your chosen colours. Overlap the text so the bottom layer can slightly be seen.

Step 2: Lets now make a shell shape! Select a free circle shape in the shapes area. Duplicate this twice so that you have three circles. Overlap two on either side in the centre top quarters of the original circle. Use the grid to line these up.

Step 3: Select the original circle each time, select one of the overlapped circles and use the Slice tool in the Actions menu. This will cut into any overlapped area so that we can create the curve of the shall shape. Repeat again for the other overlapped circle and remove all pieces except the shell shape.

Step 4: Duplicate the shell shape and colour as you like. Select each colours groups one at a time and attach so that they keep the formation. It will be much easier for you when applying to your base material!

Step 5: Cut out all your pieces! Remember to put mirror on when using any iron-on materials!

Step 6: Use your weeding tool to remove any pieces from the backing that will not be included on your bag.

Step 7: Iron-on each layer, matching up to your design. Check out the Cricut Help Centre Instructions for how to layer iron-on materials correctly.

Step 8: For each layer you must ensure all parts of the iron-on is protected and does not come into contact with the iron directly.

Step 9: Once you have ironed on each layer, peel the backing off. Check the guide for instructions on this.

The power of layering on your iron-on is amazing! So many possibilities for beautiful creations!

Thanks for reading,



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