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Easy free Cricut Project: Monthly Calendar

It's February! Time has flown! This year, I decided that each month I would create a monthly calendar using the free shapes available in Cricut Design Space.

Here is my February design influenced by Valentine's of course as well as colours I find relaxing and peaceful within my desk space.

It's so easy to create a calendar layout. It could easily be adapted for journals too both for monthly and weekly spreads! It's quick, fun and practical!

So here is how to create a calendar layout:

1. Select a square shape from the shapes option in the left-hand tool bar.

2. Select the square, unlock the shape and resize as thin in height as you can so it resembles a line.

3. Use the grid to help you ensuring widthways you can create seven even boxes and 4 of 5 boxes down (depending on the month for how many weeks you may need!)

4. Create seven columns evenly spaced.

5. Create 4 or 5 rows evenly spaced. Ensure lines are to the outer lines. Not over or under.

6. Select all lines and use the attach too. Ensure the linetype is draw.

Now for the arrow instructions:

7. To make the arrow, select a square, unlock and reshape to a long rectangle. Select a heart and attach to the end with the bow of the heart overlapping the end of the rectangle.

8. Select a triangle shape and overlap the top of the triangle with the other end of the rectangle. Duplicate the triangle twice overlapping them slightly each time.

9. Select all and weld together.

Hope you enjoy making your calendars!



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