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Cricut Free Shape Tutorial: Star Wreath

Cricut Free Shape Tutorial: Making A Star Wreath

Cricut Free Shape Tutorial: How to make a star wreath

Tis' the season for wreath making and with this wreath, you could have it up all year round! This is also a free shape tutorial in Cricut Design Space meaning that any maker with a Cricut Machine, can create this.

You can access the ready-to-make project that I created here.

But if you fancy a go at creating your own, here is how to do that!

You will need:


Wreath hoop

Hot Glue Gun

3D Foam Pads

How to make:

Eight Point Star

Step 1

Take a diamond shape from the shapes area in Canvas.

Step 2

Select the diamond and you will see a little lock icon. Click this to unlock it. This now means we can change the aspect ratio. Reshape to long and thin.

Step 3

Duplicate this shape rotating 45 degrees until you have an eight point star. (You may want to make the ones on diagonal slightly smaller).

Step four

Select all and use the weld tool in the bottom right corner on desktop or select the 'Actions' menu on tablet/mobile device.

Four Point Star

Step one

Take a circle from the shapes area (on the bottom panel if on a tablet device or on the left-hand side on a desktop).

Step two

Duplicate this circle four times and place each one at each corner of the original circle(use the grid to help you).

Step Three

Selecting the original circle and one of the corner circles use the slice tool (this is in the bottom right corner or in the Actions tab on a tablet). You can only slice two layers at a time. The slice tool cuts into any overlapping shape. Always select the original circle and a corner and continue to slice until you have cut your four-point star (you can see in the middle this is your star!)

Step four

Remove all the parts you do not need. Keep the four-point star to us on your wreath.

Wreath making instructions

Step one

Duplicate these shapes in a variety of sizes and begin to style what you would like on the wreath. I added the word dreamer in a Design Space font but you could use any of your own fonts you may have.

Cricut Free Shape Star Wreath tutorial

Step two

Cut out your materials!

Step three

Assemble your starts together first. For each layer, I used 3D foam pads to create depth.

Step four

Grab a glue gun and secure your images onto your wreath!

Cricut Papercraft Star Wreath Project

Learn more about Design Space

If you are a beginner I recommend reading my Design Space for beginners blog here, if you are wanting to understand further how to create your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide on how plus free tutorials and tips and tricks!

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