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How to Make a Dog Birthday card with free Cricut shapes!

A doggie's birthday is so important! Why not make all your paw pals their own personalised cards for their birthdays! This blog focuses on a Spaniel, which dog would you like to see next?

I used my Cricut Joy for this make but any machine could recreate this look. I also used the Cricut insert cards pack, this one is called princess and it is so gorgeous to work with for cards of all occassions!

We are also going to be using the super exciting CardMat which allows you to cut on the front of the card only with the Cricut Joy. It is a must for any Joy maker! You can find it here. If you are using another machine, you can still make this but will need to lie the card flat and ensure the design is exactly where your card front is which you can check at the mat preview stage.

If you are a beginner I recommend reading my Design Space for beginners blog here, if you are wanting to understand further how to create your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide on how plus free tutorials and tips and tricks!

So let's get started!

You will need:


Double Sided Tape

Clear dry glue

How to make:

Step 1: Dog head Shape - Select the shapes area on your tool bar. Select a circle and heart shape. Select the circle and click the lock icon to unlock it. Reshape to an oval. Position the heart underneath. Then Duplicate the oval and reshape to position either side of the heart to give a softer jaw line.

Step 2: Select all and weld together. Unlock the shape and reshape if needs be.

Step 3: Create the snout area by selecting a circle shape. Unlock and shape into a thick oval and rotate on its side. Position at the end of the jaw line we just created. Duplicate and place on the other side. Select both parts and weld together.

Step 4: Make the nose by selecting a heart and a circle. Unlock the circle and reshape to a sideways oval that fits over the ow of the heart and the outer lines smoothly join together. Select both shapes and weld together.

Step 5: To make the signature spaniel ears. Select the circle shape and create an oval. Duplicate as many as needed and begin to form the shape of the ear using the ovals as the waves of a spaniels ear.

Step 6: Select all parts of the ear and weld together. Duplicate the ear and flip onto the other side.

Step 7: Create the eye shape by selecting a heart shape and rotating on its side. Duplicate and flip so that the bows overlap one another. Select all and weld together. Select a circle shape and use as the iris and pupil.

Step 8: To make the eyelids, duplicate the eyeshape previously made twice and overlap one another so that there is you can see a gap between both shapes along the top. Select both and use the slice tool. The gap will now have been sliced and used as the eye lids.

Step 9: Make a body by selecting a heart shape, rotating upside down and unlock to reshape and stretch outwards. Then take a circle and unlock to position over the curve of the heart and so the outer lines blend together. Select all and weld together. I also used an oval on the belly as extra detail.

Step 10: Make the two front legs by unlocking a square shape and changing to a long thin rectangle. Then take a circle shape and position as a toe along the bottom of the rectangle. Duplicate twice and position. Select all parts of the leg and weld together. Duplicate and position for the other front leg.

Step 11: To make the tail. Take 2 circles and overlap one over the other, off centre so there is a gap between them. Select both and use the slice tool. Add the tail to the body. You could weld to the body or if a different colour, slice one of the points off of the tail and add to the body.

Step 12: On Design Space search for insert cards to find the corners. There are some that are free. Do not change the size of these as they are perfect for Cricut Insert Cards. I used a stencil font for the text and placed an oval in the centre and then attached this to the corners layer so it would cut all on the card.

There you have a wonderful spaniel card ready to go!

Thanks for reading



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