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Free Floral Design for Cricut Design Space

Create your own beautiful detailed flowers for the next card you create. Plus to create this in Cricut Design Space is free!

Using basic shapes, I will show you how to build each petal and how I layered up my florals.

I am a Cricut maker who shows people how to create their own free designs within Cricut Design Space using the free shapes and tools provided. If you are a beginner I recommend reading my Design Space for beginners blog here, if you are wanting to understand further how to create your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide on how plus free tutorials and tips and tricks!

Now back to this gorgeous floral design...

How to make:

Step 1: Take a circle, unlock and reshape to an oval. Duplicate the oval and rotate at an angle. Select a heart and rotate so that the point of the heart is pointing upwards at an angle (this will be making the first part of the petal).

Step 2: Duplicate the rotated oval and heart and flip to the other side. Make sure all the shapes outer lines smoothly flow.

Step 3: Select all and weld together. This is your first petal.

Step 4: Select a heart shape rotate upside down and unlock this. Reshape thinner.

Step 5: Select a circle, unlock and shape to a squashed circle. Position at the bottom of the heart so that it hides the arch. Ensure all outer lines smoothly join together.

Step 6: Select all and weld together. These are the side petals of the flower and so you will need 2. Duplicate and flip horizontally.

Step 7: Select a circle and unlock it. Reshape to an oval. Duplicate this twice and position like the above. 2 circles rotated sideways and one positioned vertically in the middle of the two horizontal ovals.

Step 8: Position this piece as the centre of the flower. Then assemble the petals shown above. Side petals at the side and the first petal we created, duplicate to make the front and back leaf.

This completes the bud of the flower and will be used like this as well as built larger with further petals.

Larger Flower

Start with the bud then continue with these steps...

Step 1: Select 2 circles and overlap them horizontally. Select a heart, shape so that the point it facing upwards and position in the middle.

Step 2: Take 2 circles, overlap and select both layers. Use the slice tool and keep the layers. Take the crescent and the sliced center of the circle. You are going to use the center to remove the crescents curls as we need it to arch, just not as curly as it is! Position it so that it overlaps the curled ends like the example above. Select both these layers and slice. Now remove all excess accept the amended crescent shape.

Step 3: Position the crescent shape so that it blends the outer line of the heart and circle together like the example shown. It has created a curve in the top of your petal. Finally, select a circle and unlock changing it to a horizontal oval, Place it at the bottom of the petal in the center. Select all and weld together.

Step 4: Select a circle and reshape it to an oval. Duplicate this and position both at an angle, joining at the bottom of the ovals. Like before create a crescent by select 2 circles, overlap them and use the slice tool. Overlap the center on the edges of the crescent and slice. You will see this has removed the tips of the crescent. Remove the rest of the sliced layers and position the amended crescents to it joins the top of the two ovals like the example above. Select all and weld together.

Step 5: Select a circle and reshape to a long thin oval. Then create two more ovals to position at both ends of your thin horizontal oval. Take a heart and rotate upside down. Position between the two ovals ensuring there are no gaps like the example above. Select all and weld together.

Step 6: Position The leaves you just created like the example shown. These go underneath the bud you previously created.

Step 7: Position the flowers around you letter as shown, Create a mixture of fully bloomed flowers and buds.

This tutorial is a more complex tutorial but worth it for beautiful floral finishes!

Want more tutorials? Check out the blog here! Be the first to know about new tutorials by following me on Instagram here.

Thanks for Reading!



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