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How To Make Forget Me Not Flowers using Free Shapes in Cricut Design Space

Spring has sprung! I wanted to bring some spring vibes to the blog today and so decided to create a tutorial on how to create your own forget me nots!

This tutorial uses free shapes in Cricut Design Space. f you are new to Design Space and want to learn more about it see here. If you want to learn more about how to use basic shapes to make your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide all about it PLUS three tutorials to get you started.

You Will Need:

Cardstock (variety of colours)

Cricut Machine (Any machine Joy, Explore Air 2 or Maker!)

Glue gun

Glue sticks

Clear Dry Glue

Precision Tweezers

Paint brush

Florist Wire

Florist tape


How To Make:

Step 1: Select the shapes area on the left-hand column in Cricut Design Space. Select a circle and use the unlock tool. Reshape to an oval. Duplicate ovals and position around the edge of the original oval to create bumps in the overall outer line of the shapes. Select all and weld together. This creates the forget me not petal.

Step 2: Duplicate the petals to create the full flower. Then select 2 circles from the shape area to create the centre of the flower. One will be a light yellow colour and one will be a dark grey colour. Position the grey circle over the yellow and make the grey circle smaller.

Step 3: You need to create a base for the petals to be stuck down to. For this, I selected a circle and sized it smaller than the overall flower. I then selected another circle and positioned this in the centre of the circle. Select both and use the slice tool. You will now see a hole has been made. This is for threading through the florist wire.

Step 4:Cut out all your shapes! Once cut take some florist wire and thread through the green base circle we create. Bend the wire over 90 degrees and adhere to the base with a glue gun.

Step 5: using the glue gun, glue a small blob of blue to the end of the petal that will be placed in the centre. Adhere this to the base. Work in a clockwise direction, overlapping each petal.

Step 6: Using tweezers, clear dry glue and a fine paintbrush, adhere the flower centres to the middle of the flower.

Then create your wreath by wrapping the wire around the wreath base and use a hot glue to secure in place. Then use leaf shapes and a hot glue gun to build up the foliage on the wreath.

It is easy to make, super beautiful and there is a how to assemble video on my Instagram here and both creating the designs is design space and the assembling video on my TikTok here in case you need a bit of visual guidance.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

Rebecca Marie Creative


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