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FREE Dinosaur Design to use on Cricut Machine

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Not only are the roar-some, but they are also very on-trend right now as well as the ever-emerging space theme. I wanted to create something for my wall that had a bit of a mash of both!

Here is the finished look...

Created on my Cricut Explore Air Machine, this papercraft make was built up with three cut layers that I uploaded onto Design Space.

These are below which you can save and upload yourself so that you can have your own dinosaur too! Both kids and adults will love it!

Base layer

Layer 2

Decorative layer (top cut)

When you upload these into design space ensure the cut files look like the above selecting every part that needs to be cut.

Add these into Design Space area. The base layer and layer 2 should be easy to match up. The decorative layer you will need to scale down to fit over the top of the dinosaur shape. The triangles on the under belly help with aligning as they should go around the outline triangle cuts of layer 2.

It should now look like the below in Design space. I added colours to each layer so that I could see how my dinosaur would look and so that my machine knows to cut three layers of different colours.

and voila! Your very own dinosaur to put on the wall, create a card with or just give to someone who loves dinosaurs!



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