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FREE jungle leaf downloads to create your own jungle backdrop!

I love jungle themed everything at the moment! And right now you can download for FREE six leaf designs that I have drawn out that you can upload to Cricut Design Space or any other Electronic cutting machine you have!

If you don't have one you could still use the shapes as templates to cut around!

You can find the shapes in the download area by clicking here.

On the page press the download button. The zip folder will download. Go into the zip folder copy the images and paste them outside the zip folder.

I have created a video tutorial on how to upload into design space and make the jungle wall project which you can see below:

Upload the leaf designs into Cricut Design Space and you can use with any machine: Explore, Maker or Joy!

You will need:

Cricut Machine and Design Space - If you use another electronic cutting Machine such as a Silhouette Cameo you could also do it with this too!

Cardstock - lots of different shades of greens, teals, and colours that will pop such as yellows and deep blues!

Cardboard - size you want your back drop to be

Green and turquoise acrylic paints

Paint brush

Double-sided tape

Hole punch (or something to poke through cardboard)



How to make:

Download the free designs from my website and follow the instructions above. Upload to design space and add to the making area.

Here is what they look like when cut:

Make sure you add lots of different sizes of each leaf and get the most out of your cardstock! I have used cardstock for the leaves in a variety of colours from greens to teals!

For my backdrop I used a piece of cardboard and painted this with green and turquoise acrylics.

This is so when building up my leaves if there are any gaps you can still see relevant colours. Build your leaf walls from the bottom and work your way upwards. That way once complete the leaves will travel downwards which is what you want!

I used double-sided tape to secure the leaves as it's fast, easy and a small amount can go a long way! Have fun with building up the layers using variety of colours, sizes and shapes!

Make sure when adding the leaves you curl the bottom of the leaves so that they have a 3D appearance. I just did this with my hands - no tool necessary!

To finish pierce two holes at the top of the backdrop, thread some cotton and tie a knot in each hole. This is how I hung up my backdrop on the wall but you could also use command strips!

Thanks for watching and check back next week for a FREE crochet basket pattern!



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