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FREE Rainbow papers and sentiments plus 2 card tutorials!

I am so excited to share my new free paper download pack and sentiments which have a rainbow theme!

The rainbow has been a huge symbol of hope through these challenging times. I have made quite a few rainbow makes but wanted to create something that everyone could get involved in AND something that we could give back to the community.

I thought why not free papers and sentiments? That way if you printed the full pack you could create lots of cards quickly, easily and they are pretty damn cute too!

So download my pack, say hey with them to your family and friends, tell them you miss them and say thank you to people who have helped you all through this downloadable pack!


Firstly head to my downloads area here.

Secondly click on the Downloadable Papers option

You will see a few paper download packs in there... feel free to download them all but the one you are look for is the first one called 'Rainbow Paper and Sentiments Pack'.

Click the 'download here' button.

A zip file should download to your computer.

Go into the zip file, select all and copy all files out of the zip folder.

All the papers have been made for A4 paper and so printing should be easy!

I have created each paper in portrait and landscape so you can create all kinds of things with these rainbow designs.

You will also see there is a cream outlined sentiment page and a black outline, this is for you to decide which you would prefer but the cream outline is a guideline to cut with scissors and the black outline is there for people who may want to use the print then cut feature on uploads in Cricut Design Space.

I have created two cards in the below video in super quick time to show how easy it is with these designs to create super cute cards and spread some positivity!

So why not download the papers and make some cards for all your loved ones! Be sure to tag me in on Instagram at Rebeccamariecreative if you do! I would love to see what you have made!

I hope you enjoy them!


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