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High Street Top Interior Decor Picks!

The interior renovations are still ongoing! Over one year in renovating a house and through this time, I have found some wonderful and unique designs which each month I will show in a blog like this one!

This time around I have picked some items that I am currently loving having around me. I've found those items bit or small are the additions that add the magic and personality to make your interior dreams come true.

So, what's this month's top picks? 

This mug is not only adorable it's great for cold drinkers like myself who want the best of both worlds: a glass with a handle! It's also a bargain for a little happiness in your day!

2. Black Swan vase - Home Sense £5

I love swans there is something so regal and cool about them. When I saw this I knew my makeup brush storage dilema was over!

3. Pink stool - £129 Beautiful plush velvet in a crushed rose pink shade, this really is a beautiful statement piece! The colour pops in my dalmatian print and racing green car room and adds a romantic ambience to the interior.

This luxurious gold octopus adds to the drama of my bathroom which I wanted to be very dramatic and rich in deep greys and gold. Not only this, but he has a multi purpose of holding your prosecco whilst you relax in the bath!

I have always wanted a light up mirror. Fulfilling my childhood dreams, this mirror is great for doing your makeup and adding glamour to your room!


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