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How to create Face outlines using free shapes in Cricut Design Space

It's no secret that I love Taylor Swift. If you have been following me for a while you will know I have made several projects dedicated to her!

Today I am showing how to create the face and hair outline pictured above using free shapes in Cricut Design Space.

If you are new to Cricut and want to know more about all the tools featured in Design Space head to this blog here first!

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Now let's get onto the tutorial:

1. Select a heart and circle in the left-hand bar under shapes. Select the circle and select the lock icon to unlock. Create an oval that smoothly fits over the bow of the heart. Select all and weld together. Select another circle and unlock, create a thin oval that will sit on the edge of the heart down to the point. Copy this and flip to sit on the other side. This is to lose the point on the heart, create a chin and create a slight curve along the jaw like a face.

2. Select all and weld together. Duplicate the head shape and make the top one smaller. Position so that there is an even strip around the 2 face shapes.

3. Select both and slice. Keep the face outline.

4. Select a circle and a square from the shapes section. Place the square halfway over the circle. Select both shapes and use the slice tool. Keep the half circle shape.

5. Duplicate the half circle shapes making one larger than the other. Overlap these so that there is an even strip around the arch of the shape. Select both shapes and use the slice tool. Keep the arch outline.

6. Place the arch as the eye inside the face. To make the eyelashes, duplicate the arch outline and select a square shape. Overlap the arch outline and square halfway. Select both shapes and use the slice tool. Both slice halves can be used for the eyelashes.

7. Duplicate and position as many lashes as you would like on your eyelid arch that you created previously. When you are happy, select the eyelid and eyelashes and weld together.

8. Then position one eye in the face, duplicate, flip and position on the other side.

9. For the lips select a heart and position inside the face. You may want to unlock the heart and adjust to a desired mouth shape.

10. Take a circle shape and unlock it. Reshape to an oval we are going to be making hair with the ovals you have just created.

11. Fill the face and below to your desired hair length with ovals. Use the ovals to create a wave with the hair.

12. Select all ovals for the hair and weld together. Duplicate the hair shape and make one smaller than the other. Position the smaller one centrally over the larger hair shape. Slice both hair shapes and Keep the hair outline.

13. Select a square shape and position over the top of the head outline. Select both and use the slice tool.

14. Create a half circle arch outline like we did with the eyelid previously. We are going to use this shape to create the fringe outline.

15. Position so the arch outline joins centrally at the top the head and meets the face line. Select this shape and duplicate, flip and do the same on the other side.

16. Select all accept the lips and weld together. Then take your welded outline and your lips layer and attach together.

Now you have a girl outline that you could use for papercraft, infusible inks, vinyl and more! I used mine to create an infusible ink t-shirt and some wall art which you can see above.

Thanks for reading

Rebecca Marie Creative


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