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How to make your own Eucalyptus leaf wreath with free shapes in Cricut Design Space

I created a wreath for Christmas, that featured the eucalyptus leaf shape that I am teaching you in this blog today. It makes a gorgeous wreath and when it came time to taking the wreath down, I started to debate if it was Christmassy and if I could just leave it up.

Here is the Christmas wreath...

What do you think? Let me know! I am pretty superstitious and wouldn't like to upset the Christmas laws...I think it looks a bit Christmas inspired so I decided to take it down and to make a new one!

As per usual, these tutorials are for Cricut makers and can be created on any machine (Joy, Maker or Explore Air family). My tutorials give you the knowledge to create your own designs for free inside Design Space! How great is that?

If you want to understand the basics check out the blog here and for the ultimate guide, subscribe to my newsletter here where you will receive a free PDF copy of the Beginners guide on how to create designs in Cricut Design Space. It features all the necessary tools in Design Space, how I use them, my top tips and three projects to get you started! Now to mention it's FREE!

So here is how to create the eucalyptus leaf…

Design Space Instructions:

  1. Take a circle and a heart shape.

  2. Unlock the circle and shape into an oval. Position at the bottom of the heart overlapping halfway in height.

  3. Take two more ovals and position them on either side of the heart. Ensure that the outer lines smoothly fit together. You want to create a rounded shape.

  4. Select all and weld together.

  5. Duplicate your leaf shape and flip vertically. Join them by the rounded parts of the top of the leaf shape.

  6. Select a diamond shape and cover any holes. Make sure the shape is smaller than the leaves and stays inside the design.

  7. Select all and weld.

  8. To glue to your wire you will need a hole so that you can push the wire through the leaves. Select a circle shape and position it in the middle. Make it small as the wire is very thin. Select both the leaf layer and the circle and use the slice tool. There will now be a hole in the center of the leaf design.

Make Instructions:

9. Next get some florist wire and your glue gun. Put hot glue around the center hole of the leaf.

10. Thread the leaf through the wire and take a small square of cardstock in the same colour and place is that the wire is tight between leaf and square.

Keep doing this with different sized leaves on your wire.

11. Begin to wrap the wire around the wreath ensuring that the front side of the leaf is always shown. I like to curl the ends of each wire and have them coming off the wreath like in nature when new stems are growing they tend to go outwards looking for something to wrap around or the light.

This leaf makes such a beautiful wreath perfect for minimalist home lovers and those who love to be surrounded by greenery and nature.

There is also a video on how to create the look once it’s been cut out which you can see here.

I hope you love this new tutorial and please follow me on Instagram for weekly inspiration as well as my newsletter here.

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