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How to use Cricut Design Space

Are you new to Cricut? You have all the gear but you don't know where to start. Design Space is an amazing software which can seem a little over whelming at first but once you know how to use it, you will craft like you never have before!

I have created a free PDF guide that goes through Design space and gives you knowledge how to create your own designs with the tools provided for free within the software. You can receive this guide for free by signing up to my subscriber list here.

Here is a quick overview and useful explainer graphics for the tools in Cricut Design Space.

Where to find Cricut Design Space....

Follow the instructions that come with your machine or head to

Design Space is the same whether you have an Explore Air 2, Maker or Joy. You simply indicate which machine you have when initially registering your machine.

Design Space can be found on your desktop, or if your using the app, where your apps are saved. You open this and select new project, the start of your creative journey!

So now you're in a new project, you have a blank screen and a lot of tools staring at you in the face. What do you do now?

Here is my quick explainer as to what each tool does:

Left Hand Bar Options

Here you will find selecting to begin a new project, templates for reference when creating designs, your saved projects, purchasable designs (there are thousands in the store), adding text to your project, adding free basic shapes and uploading your own designs.

Top Bar Options

Along the top bar you will find undo & redo, where you can indicate the line type - these are cut, draw, foil and more! If you will be using multiple tools, you must indicate this here. You will also find the flip options, size options, rotate, position (you can also manually position and resize the shape by clicking on it too).

Right side bar

This is where your layers will be! Each time you add a shape or design, the layers will be shown here. You can do a lot with the layers and there are some amazing tools on this side of Design Space.

You can group layers, duplicate layers, weld layers together, flatten layers (great for print then cut!), and attach them so that when you go to cut the shapes don't automatically snap to the top left corner as they normally would do.

If you want to learn more about these tools - particularly how to effectively use them to make your own free designs in Cricut Design Space, then you should subscribe to my mailing list! Each subscriber receives a free PDF guide which goes in depth into these features and has some projects that require no extra cost for the designs to get you started too.


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