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How to make a lion raffia wall hanging with your Cricut Maker!

Rawrrly cute right?

Can you believe you can make this lion raffia wall hanging with your Cricut Maker? I can because you can do so much with your Maker machine! I used basswood for the face and vinyl for the lion features created using free shapes in Cricut Design Space. This is a perfect make for small businesses to sell and the perfect new baby gift too!

You will need a Maker to create this project. For material compatibility of your machine see here.

If you are a beginner I recommend reading my Design Space for beginners blog here, if you are wanting to understand further how to create your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide on how plus free tutorials and tips and tricks!

So let's get started!

You will need:

Cricut Maker Machine

StrongGrip Mat

Weeding Tool


Transfer Tape

Brayer or scraper

Basswood - 1/16" (1.6 mm)


Hot glue gun


Yellow Felt Circle


Step 1: Select 2 circles from the shapes area. One of the circles, select and click the lock icon to unlock it. Reshape this to an oval an position on one side of the circle as the lions ear. Duplicate and position on the other side. Select all layers and use the 'weld' tool to weld together.

Step 2: Select 2 triangles from the shapes area. Position one over the other and make the top triangle smaller. Create a V between the triangles ensuring an even spacing both sides. Select both triangles and use the 'slice' tool. Keep the V shape.

Step 3: Create two ovals and position at the point of the V to soften the end and make it rounded and across the inside of the V where the point is. Your ovals may cross over in a T shape. Select the ovals and the V and use the 'weld' tool to weld together

Step 4: Select a circle and square shape. Position the square halfway over the circle and select both layers. Use the 'slice' tool and keep the half circle.

Duplicate the half circle and overlap one another. Resize the top half circle smaller and fit inside the larger one so that it has an even overlap the whole way around the bend. Select bother half circles and use the 'slice' tool. Keep the U shape as this is your lions eye. Unlock it to reshape and resize for your lion face.

Step 5: Overlap two circles side by side. Select both and use the 'weld' tool. Duplicate this shape and position over the top of the original shape leaving a thin strip across the bottom that we can see. Select both and use the 'slice' tool. The strip has now separated from the shapes and keep this part to use as the lions mouth.

Step 6: Select a circle and reshape to a thin oval. Duplicate and position these inside the V shape like the image shown. Select all the lion face details and use the attach tool. This is so when you go to cut the vinyl it stays in the shape formation. Then select a circle and use the unlock tool. Create a sideways oval as the cheeks and position under the eyelids.

Step 7: Adhere your basswood to your StrongGrip mat and secure down with masking tape on all sides. Cut this out with your Maker Machine and deep knife blade.

Step 8: Cut out the vinyl details and use a weeding tool to remove the unwanted pieces. Then use Transfer Tape to transfer from vinyl backing to the basswood. Use a brayer tool or scraper tool to smooth the vinyl onto the Transfer Tape and then to the wood.

Step 9: Cut your raffia into similar sized pieces. On the back of the lion face use hot glue to adhere. To create the lion mane adhere in a circle. Then glue your cord to hang the lion face down. To hide the raffia ends and cord take a piece of felt, cut into a circle and adhere with hot glue over the top of the raffia ends and cord.

That's it! So easy to create you adorable lion wall hanging! The raffia can take a bit of time to adhere but the end result it WORTH IT!

Thanks for reading,



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