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Making Casita with free shapes in Cricut

Hola Casita! If you haven't watched Encanto, Disney's latest phenomenon, where have you been?

We fell in love with the characters, the songs (Thanks Lin Manuel Miranda!) but the house itself was a beautiful and colourful family home that I wanted to recreate.

What better way than with the help of my Cricut Machine! It really helped to control the shapes and then went in afterwards with colouring pencils and pens to recreate the magic of the home.

The house shapes are using the free shapes in Cricut Design Space so everyone can get involved at making Casa Madrigal.

You can download the how to guide here.

Don't have time to create it yourself? Use my saved project in Design Space here.

It is a booklet that teaches you how to create each element of the house: the building, the windows, the balcony, the roof, the tree, the flowers and the birds.

Now if you are a beginner to Cricut, you might want to check out this blog on what all the features in Design Space mean before starting the tutorial.

If you want to learn more about these tools - particularly how to effectively use them to make your own free designs in Cricut Design Space, then you should subscribe to my mailing list! Each subscriber receives a free PDF guide which goes in depth into these features and has some projects that require no extra cost for the designs to get you started too.

Casa Madrigal

Download your free instruction booklet below on how to create Casita in your own time.

How To Make
Download PDF • 4.15MB

You will need to set aside a couple of hours to recreate this look (and if shading even longer) but it makes for a great project to relax with on a weekday evening!

I hope you enjoy creating your own Casita!

Rebecca Marie


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