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Malta: Molecular cocktails, embracing bright colours and driving a speedboat!

One week in Malta and I am hooked on the colour, sunshine and food! I think from any place you experience, you can take with you something that has inspired you.

For me, it was the vibrant colours of the island. I LOVE colour and the more I have been renovating in my house, the more bolder I become with my colour pallets.

I particularly loved the door colours that reflected the warm summer landscapes of the country.

Malta holiday turquoise door

Malta yellow door

It made me think, hmmm maybe I will paint my front door a bright welcoming colour, a happy embrace of colour at the front door means stepping into a happy home!

You will never walk far in the building encrusted parts of Malta and not see a burst of colour seeping through their narrow paths.

The harbour below this picture was in particularly beautiful to sit and watch the sail boats parked up calmly bobbing along the aqua waters or watch schools of fish scurry under the boats. I believe this was Spinola Bay.

Malta cocktail

There was never really a dull moment in Malta and I am already dreaming of heading back.

I went to the most wonderful restaurant where the cocktails were unlike anything I have ever had like the above image. This was at Caviar and Bull where it's ostentatious presentation is much to be appreciated. It is a MUST if you are going to Malta and ensure you try their taster menu, from molecular cocktails to flaming sambuca fish it is an experience you won't forget.

The bright and beautiful flowers of the country further added to the vibrancy of the landscape. In general, I had the most wonderful time and came back armed with confidence to add some vibrant yellows and fuchsias into my own home!

Finally, my top picks of what you absolutely must do in Malta:

- Hire a speedboat and take yourself off to Gozo: not only is it awesome to tick off driving a speedboat but you get to explore the wonderful waters around this breathtaking islands.

- Stay in St George's bay: If you love going out to bars and a wide variety of food this is the place to be. I stayed in the Corinthia and it was certainly very special.

- Take the time to see Valletta and Mdina. These historical cities are so Game of Thrones-esque it will totally captivate you.

Going to Malta? Feel free to contact me for some tips and advice on what to see!

Thanks for reading!



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