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Harry Potter Book Nook Part 1: Ollivanders Wand Shop

If you are a Harry Potter or book lover like me, then you need to get making a book nook for your book shelves. Whatever world you want to live in your little nook is entirely up to you.

My first nook is Harry Potter themed creating Diagon Alley! If you have been following along on my Instagram Stories, you will have seen that I am creating Ollivanders Wand shop first using a variety of craft materials: polymer clay, painting, my Cricut machine (it obviously had to make an appearance!) and papercrafting.

It is so detailed so I decided to do a roundup on YouTube to show exactly how it's created which you can see below:

The links for the book nook and other materials can be found in the video description on YouTube.

Enjoy and can't wait to share part 2 which will be the Quidditch Supplies shop!



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