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Cricut Slice Tool Hack - Overlapping Images with Infusible Ink

Using different colours of Infusible Ink on a project is always a magical experience. But overlapping images often leads to mixed colours between the two colours.

If you want a way to stop this, so you have solid colours side by side of overlapped images, I have the answer for you!

Within Design Space there is a tool called the 'Slice' tool (found in the actions menu or bottom right corner in the Desktop version) the slice tool cuts through any overlapped images. With this tool it means you can essential create a jigsaw with your overlapped images that you piece together once cut.

How it works

To give an example of this, I have created this beautiful pumpkin mug to welcome the October Autumnal vibes!

I have created a full tutorial that in real time shows how to do this from Design Space to using the Cricut Mug Press which you can see here:

You will need:

Heat proof mat

Heat Resistant Tape

Device with Design Space on

Information about the project:

Font for hello: DTC Brown Sugar

Font for October: DTC Bikini Babe

How to create overlapping pieces ready for Infusible Ink:

Overlap your shapes and whichever you would like to remain as a whole (like the purple pumpkin in the example below) duplicate it and set to the side.

Select the two overlapped shapes and use the 'Slice' tool. This will cut through all overlapped shapes and create new layers with all the cut pieces.

Keep the part that will create the jigsaw piece, everything else can be deleted including the other overlapped shape as this will now also have cut parts which will not be helpful for the jigsaw piece.

Bring the duplicated shape to replace it and fit the shapes side by side like a fitted jigsaw piece.

The video above demonstrates this multiple times to show you how easy it is!

Other examples

This is not the first project where I have created an Infusible Ink Jigsaw. Check out the two coaster projects below where the same technique is applied:

See the sunset coaster tutorial here. It features free shapes in Cricut Design Space so every maker can make along!

See the toucan coaster tutorial here.

This one is a little more fiddly but it's worth it!

One thing to note, I would used one Infusible Ink transfer backing (the clear backing) rather than piecing it together with the backings. If you do, make sure the transfer backing never overlaps the inked side of the Infusible Ink shapes. If this happens, the ink will not transfer and you will have a line where the backing blocked it.

I hope the video and this blog has helped with learning yet another reason why the 'Slice' tool is an incredible and impactful tool that can be used in so many ways to enhance your projects.

Thanks for reading,

Rebecca Marie Creative


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