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How to make a Peter Rabbit Baby Milestone Card with Cricut

Peter Rabbit is a timeless character adored by young children. I remember when I was kid I had books and toys of him. I wanted to create a new milestone design that joyed the hearts of nostalgic parents and something beautiful to put side by side with the little one.

In this tutorial I am going to show you how to create your own milestone card featuring Peter Rabbit.

To cut out the design I used a Cricut Machine. If you are new to Cricut and need a bit more guidance check out another blog I have created about Design Space here.

Let's begin!

Firstly, you will need:

A Cricut Machine (Any machine will cut this design)

Cardstock Colours of your choice

3D Foam Pads (optional)

Clear dry wet glue

Paint Brush

Precision Tweezers

Head to Design Space and create the following shapes:

There are lots of elements, so to help you out I have created a checklist which you can see below:

For the milestone card, I used a square from the shapes area in Design Space and unlocked them (lock icon appears when clicking onto a shape) I created a rectangle from the square for the base of the card.

I also created a gold border by duplicating two of the rectangle shape. I made one smaller than the other. I then placed centrally over the larger rectangle, selected both layers and used the slice tool.

Finally, I used system fonts to create the text on the milestone card.

Now it is time to get cutting! So sit back, relax as your Cricut machine handles it!

To assemble, my top tip that I swear by is to adhere each piece with a fine paint brush, clear dry glue and precision tweezers. The tweezers really help with intricate parts to accurately position each shape. To save time for the larger parts you could even use double sided tape!

I used 3D foam pads on Peter to really make him stand out.

I hope you love this tutorial and have fun creating! Got a question? Get in touch I would love to help other crafters make beautiful projects.

Still need more guidance on creating your own designs? If you Subscribe here, you get a free PDF guide that teaches you how to create your own designs in Cricut Design Space.

Thanks for reading,



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