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Positivity journal

Journaling is great for so many reasons… it’s craft, it’s a form of self-expression and it really helps with clearing your mind and self-care.

Journaling is one of the ways that I am keeping myself preoccupied through social distancing. We find ourselves in challenging times, but remember, we’re all in this together.

The best way Cricut can help you with journaling is that it can write beautiful text for you to put in your journals. There are even some free phrases in Design Space which you can use for all your journaling needs.

Before we begin with the tutorial, do you know how to filter for free designs on the Design Space App? No… Well here is how!

1. Go into the store in Design Space. This is under the 'images' tab.

2. In the top bar, you will see the filter option - click this!

3. You will see a drop down, next tick the box next to 'Free'

For the phrases I have used I searched for Goals, Love, Dream and Laugh which you can see below.

There are so many different phrases in Design Space for free – take a look!

Now you have your phrases, let’s start our journal layout!

First set the above phrases to draw. I used a .03 tip black pen to draw the outline. Once cut, colour in the words.

Next take you scrap papers and using the basic shapes in design space, cut out as many that fits on your scrap paper. These will be used for the background. I have used heart, triangle, diamond and circle in lots of different colours!

Next glue these onto your page. I used tweezers and a clear dry PVA glue to stick down. I then used double-sided tape to secure the phrases.

Voila! A positive mind inspired journal that uses scrap paper and is easy to make!

It’s important to stay positive during these times. Just remember - stay home, stay safe and get making!

Thanks for reading!



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