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Cricut Tutorial: Witches Coven Inspired Halloween Pumpkin

It's pumpkin season! As much as I love carving a pumpkin, I am always sad when all too quickly I am having to chuck it away.

Luckily, there is a solution... Ceramic pumpkins! Bring out your collection of personalised pumpkins every year to get into the spooky spirit!

I decorated my first ceramic pumpkin last year which was a lovely pastel ghost pumpkin which you can see the tutorial for here.

Now as a bit of a tradition, I would like to make a new ceramic pumpkin every year!

This year I went for a witch theme and used my Cricut Machine to help decorate, selecting images from the many thousands of Halloween and witch images available on Cricut Design Space.

Spellbinding Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial of how it all came together:

You will need:

StandardGrip Cutting Mat (If not using Smart vinyl)

Purple Acrylic paint (I mixed berry, blue and white white paint together)

Gold Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Ceramic Pumpkin - I got mine from Hobbycraft

Image codes in Design Space

Witch hat - #M84996DC

Witch hat 2 - #M8499731

Magic Hand - #ME707BB1

Snake - #M29689CFE

Sage - #M1EDEA8E4

Star - #M3D222

Four point star - #M91931BE

Cauldron - #M786603A

Font used - American Horror Story fans may be quick to recognise the font on my pumpkin! I downloaded the font to my desktop and then access this on Design Space by going to Font - System Fonts. I downloaded it here.

Happy pumpkin decorating. Our forever pumpkins can be on display every year throughout October plus they are fun to make too!

Thank for reading,

Rebecca Marie Creative


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