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How to make a rainbow banner using free shapes in Cricut Design Space

Let's make a rainbow banner! We make the banner from basswood and the decor from vinyl! For the basswood your will need a deep knife blade and a StrongGrip mat. You will need a Maker to create this project. For material compatibility of your machine see here.

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So let's get started!

You will need:

Cricut Maker Machine

StrongGrip Mat

Weeding Tool


Transfer Tape

Brayer or scraper

Basswood - 1/16" (1.6 mm)



Step 1: From the shapes area, select a triangle and a square shape. Unlock the triangle and stretch to the width of the square and shallow in height. Position at the bottom of the square, select both shapes and weld together to make the banner.

Step 2: Select a circle and place in the top corner on one side of the banner. Duplicate and position on the other side. Use the slice tool, selecting 2 layers at a time, slice the circle and the banner so that you get two holes in your banner for tying the cord to.

Step 3: From the shapes area, select a circle and a square. Position the square halfway over the circle. Select both layers and use the slice tool. Keep the half circle and duplicate. Make the top one smaller and you may want to unlock it and reshape it so that you create an even width between the 2 half circles. Select both and use the slice tool. Keep the sliced rainbow stripe.

Step 4: Duplicate the stripe and make smaller each time to create a three-striped rainbow. Place onto the banner. I also put stars and a heart on the banner from the shape's area and then used Candice font to create the names of Candice & Chelsea! Then it is time to cut out! Don't forget to add the knife blade for the basswood and move the star wheels on your machine out the way for cutting!

Step 5: Cut the basswood banner and vinyl decals out on your machine.

For the basswood use a StrongGrip mat and masking tape to secure down. It will take a number of passes to fully cut out.

Weed your vinyl with a weeding tool and then use Transfer tape and either a scraper or brayer to transfer the vinyl onto the wood banner!

Enjoy your beautiful rainbow banner!


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