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Seven Halloween Projects Ideas To Make With Your Cricut

Hello lovely makers! If you have followed me for a while now you know that October is the month for me. I adore Halloween which couldn't be more perfect for someone who loves to make everyday!

My Cricut machines are the perfect gadgets to help me with my creative projects. Halloween is no exception!

Here are seven projects you can create for Halloween with your Cricut Machine. Most of them are Home Decor that would be prefect for your haunted home.

1. Vinyl Decorated Pumpkins

Vinyl is so easy to use to make beautiful stickers that can be applied to your pumpkins. I used ceramic pumpkins so that every year I can get out my previously made pumpkins and add a new one to the fold too!

You can see how I used vinyl to decorate the pumpkins here.

I used Permanent Smart Vinyl for my pumpkins. Make sure you buy permanent vinyl for anything that may go outdoors.

2. Papercut bats for the wall

Bats look beautiful and striking in the home and only took fifteen minutes from selecting my bat design to the finished look on my wall. It is my favourite decor idea this year and was definitely the easiest!

I used #M8997FAA for my bats. Search the code in Cricut Design Space to find image.

I also used Blu Tac to secure them to the wall for a temporary fix.

3. Hey Boo Chipboard Wall Art

If you have a Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3 Machine, it's all about exploring all the different materials you can get your machine to cut out.

Chipboard is great for making durable decorations and is a great material for painting too. With chipboard, make sure to use simpler shapes. The simpler the better as more intricate designs are at risk with tearing.

Want to see how I created this? Watch the video tutorial here.

4. Iron-On Pennant

This years Halloween crafts, I wanted to think of lots of different puns... Ghouls just want to have fun was one of my favourites along with: You little sheet, Let's go ghouls, Talk spirit to me, Hallow-queens, and So long and gourd night.

This is an alternative to traditional Halloween who want more of a light, poppy spin on their Halloween decor.

5. Halloween themed-stickers

I love the print then cut feature available with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker models. Stickers are fun to use and if you like me, I am obsessed with stickers and have a sticker box full of cute designs.

These Halloween stickers can be downloaded for free on my website here. Follow the instructions on the blog here, for how to upload into Cricut Design Space.

6. Personalised Shoes

Get in to the Halloween spirirt with some boo-jie personalised shoes. I love that you can use iron-on (HTV) to personalise shoes and I find that the EasyPess Mini is the perfect heat tool to use as it is small and have that pointed tip to help get into smaller spaces.

7. Personalised clothing

I always love a good themed jumper and Halloween is no exception. These famous ghouls were exactly what I needed for my jumper to wear throughout October. There are a number of beautiful Halloween images in Design Space that would be spook-tacular on a jumper.

I hope you all have fun with your Halloween crafting, I know I did when making these projects! Halloween can be made the way you want it, you don't need to stick to the traditional colours, or only have frightening decor to be involved.

Hopefully my fun, upbeat and pastel decorations show how you could make for Halloween and love it in your home too.

I love a bit of both personally, but that is it! We are all unique and it is up to you with how you decorate for Halloween.

Have a boo-tiful Halloween everyone,

Rebecca Marie


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