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How to make papercraft snake using free shapes in Cricut Design Space

Hey makers! Today I am showing how to use your Cricut Machine and Cricut Design Space to make a snake from free shapes! I paired this with florals from a previous tutorial that you can see how to make here.

As mentioned I use free shapes in Cricut Design Space as well as tools such as 'Weld' and 'Slice' to make my own designs and I teach makers how they can do this too!

If you are a beginner I recommend reading my Design Space for beginners blog here, if you are wanting to understand further how to create your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide on how plus free tutorials and tips and tricks!

So let's get back to making a snake....

Step 1: To make the snake body, add text and insert an 'S' in Cricut Sans. Then select a heart shape from the shapes area and position the heart at the end of the S to make the head. Duplicate the heart shape and unlock it by selecting the little lock icon when you select the shape. Resize thinner and rotate so the point of the heart is facing away from the S. Position on the other end of the S as the snake tail.

Step 2: Take two heart shapes and overlap sideways with the points facing outwards. Ensure the outer lines smoothly join together. Select both hearts and use the 'weld' tool. This creates one of the snakes eyes.

Duplicate the snake body and position the eye on one side. Duplicate and do the same on the other side.

Selecting the snake body and one eye each time, use the slice tool to cut the eye shapes into the body.

Step 3: We are now going to make some scales for our snake! Select three circles. Place one in the centre and the other two on either side overlapping in the top half of the circle. Selecting the middle circle and a side circle each time, use the slice tool. You will see that the centre circle is now a scale shape. Resize to fit the snakes body. Duplicate and add a few in a pattern. Select all the scales and weld together. Use this pattern along the body of the snake. Position the scales, then select the snake body and scales and use the slice tool to cut them into the body.

Step 4: I also added some circles in between my scales. To do this, I selected the circle shape and resized grouping a few together. I selected all the circles and used the weld tool to weld them together as one layer. I then went along the body and positioned them where I would like and then selected both the circles and snake body and used the slice tool to cut the circles into the body.

Step 5: To make the snakes tongue, select a square. Unlock it and reshape to a thin rectangle. Then take a triangle shape and position at the bottom of the rectangle with point facing upwards. Select both shapes and use the slice tool. This will slice the traingle into the rectangle to make the snakes tongue!

Step 6: I used my floral free shape tutorial to create these flowers and add around the snakes body. This tutorial is available on my blog called: Free Floral Design for Cricut Design Space

Step 7: Cut out your shapes with your Cricut Machine. Any machine will be able to cut this project out. Then assemble. I used my Cricut precision tweezers from the starter tool set, a fine paint brush and clear dry glue.

If you want to create the flowers to go around your snake check out this tutorial here.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!



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