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Personalise a notebook with free shapes in Cricut Design Space

Personalise a notebook using vinyl and print then cut stickers in Cricut Design Space! I used free basic shapes that can be found in the shapes area in Canvas. Using the tools slice and weld, it is amazing the different shapes you can create!

If you are a beginner I recommend reading my Design Space for beginners blog here, if you are wanting to understand further how to create your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide on how plus free tutorials and tips and tricks!

You will need...

A Cricut Machine either the Explore Air 2 or Maker if creating the print then cut elements. If you are just cutting the vinyl you can use the Cricut Joy too! See machines here.

Weeding Tool, Scraper Tool both from the Basic Tool Set

Blank Notebook

Inkjet Printer - I have a Canon Pixma iP8750

Printable sticker paper

How to make:

Step 1: To make the first star, select the diamond from the shapes option on the left-hand bar in Canvas.

Select the diamond and click the lock icon to unlock it. This means we can now change the aspect ratio of the shape. Reshape the diamond long and thin. Duplicate this three-time and rotate each time, overlapping in the centre to make an eight-point star like the example. Select all and use the weld tool to create the star outline.

Step 2: To make the four point star, select a circle from the shapes area in canvas. Duplicate this circle four-time and position at each corner (use the gird to help you) in the middle the four point star shape should from the the overlapping of the circles like the example shown. Select the middle circle and one of the overlapped circles and use the slice tool. Repeat this process, always selecting the middle circle and one of the corners, until the middle shape gives you our four pint star.

Step 3: To make a planet, select a circle shape and select the lock icon to unlock it. Stretch to a wide oval. Duplicate this and position the oval over the top. Make this slightly smaller so that you can see a ring of the larger oval underneath the smaller one. Select both and use the slice tool. Keep the oval ring shape. Select another circle shape and position the oval ring overlapping like the example shown. Select both and use the weld tool.

Step 4: Make a thin line by selecting a square shape, unlocking the shape and reshaping. Then duplicate this as much as needed to see between your different star shapes in a constellation pattern. Create your notebook design with the shapes created. Once happy select all and use the weld tool. Make sure to leave a gap in the top third of the book for your sticker!

Step 5: Select a square shape and unlock it. Reshape to a rectangle and position in the gap left for the sticker.

Duplicate this shape and make it slightly smaller. Duplicate this rectangle and make it smaller again and overlap centrally with the previously duplicated rectangle. Select both and use the slice tool. Keep the black border and position in the original rectangle. Then add in your text. Once happy select all layers of the sticker and use the 'flatten' tool. This turns all the layers into one print then cut layer.

Step 6: Cut out the star pattern with vinyl. Once cut use your weeding tool to remove the vinyl you don't want to keep on the design.

Print and cut out your label using white sticker paper.

Step 7: Use transfer tape to adhere the vinyl design to the notebook. Use a scraping tool to transfer the vinyl to the transfer tape and then from the transfer tape to the notebook.

Finally, add your sticker in the gap previously created. Now you have a pretty personalised stargazer notebook made by you!

It is so easy to personalise pretty much anything with your Cricut machines and cricut tools! Vinyl is a great material for personalisation on all kinds of materials such as jars, plant pots, mirrors, wood and more!

If you are still wondering well how do I even get started? Join us on the Cricutcrew workshops where we have a beginner workshop that shows you all things Design Space! Check out our workshop dates here. For me, find the dates with Rebecca!

Thanks for reading!


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