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How to make the Disney Up house with free shapes in Cricut Design Space

I love to create cards that wow. And what's even better is that you can create this with the free shapes in Cricut Design Space. No SVG purchasing needed!

If you are a Disney fan (how could you not be if you are here!) then this is perfect for you to create!

I used florists wire as the string between the balloons and the house and used 3D foam pads to make the house and balloons stand out from the card blank.

Here are the instructions how to create in Cricut Design Space...

See - easy right! There are lot's of elements to recreate the Up house so make sure you check against the check list below:

I have added a balloon base which I used to stick all the balloons onto to keep them secure against the florist wire.

Next, here is how to assemble your Disney Pixar Up card:

Up card complete! I hope you love the tutorial! If you want to learn more about how to create your own designs using the free shapes in Cricut Design Space, subscribe to my newsletter where you will receive a free PDF beginners guide and regular tutorials and making inspiration.

Alternatively follow me on Instagram for weekly tutorials here.

Happy crafting!


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