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How to make a wooden wall hanging using free shapes in Cricut Design Space

Wooden floral and bee wall hanging with flowers and Cricut Knife Blade
Make your own wall hanging with free shapes in Cricut Design Space and Cricut Maker

Did you know the Cricut Maker can cut way beyond just paper and card? You can cut fabrics and thick materials such as chipboard and basswood too! These additional materials mean making handmade gifts for your friends and family much easier and they look beautiful too!

I made this make for mother's day and used only the simple free shapes (hexagon, heart and circle shapes) to create this. And you can too!

I used the bee design I created for Hobbycraft which you can see here. If you are new to Design Space and want to learn more about it see here. If you want to learn more about how to use basic shapes to make your own designs, subscribe to my newsletter here and receive a free PDF guide all about it PLUS three tutorials to get you started.

Back to my floral wall hanging for Mother's Day...

I used basswood. It has a lovely light colour, beautiful texture and makes pretty wall hangings for the home. Cricut have their own range of basswood which perfectly cuts with the Maker. However if you can't get a hold of any (it's currently in high demand in the UK!) there are others out there, just make sure the thickness can be cut on the maker by checking the Cricut material compatibility guide before buying.

To cut with basswood on the Cricut Maker you also need a Cricut StrongGrip Mat, the housing and knife blade (compatible for thicker materials) and masking tape to secure the wood to the StrongGrip mat for extra support when cutting!

So lets get started!

You will need:

Cricut Maker Machine

Cricut StrongGrip Mat

Cricut Knife Blade and housing


Masking tape


How to make:

Step 1: Select 2 hexagons from the free shapes area in Cricut Design Space.

Step 2: Place one hexagon over the other and make the top one smaller so that you can see an even outline around the two hexagons. Select both and use the slice tool. Keep the hexagon outline.

Step 3: Duplicate the hexagon outline and overlap each one. Position in a flower shape like the example. Select all and weld together.

Step 4: Add the chosen letter to Design Space and place it over your hexagons. Select all and weld together.

Step 5: To make the flowers, select 2 heart shapes and overlap one half of each heart. Select both and use the slice tool. Keep the centre sliced section that resembles a raindrop. With the point facing outwards, duplicate the shape and overlap in a clockwise motion to create the flower petals. Select all and weld together.

Step 6: Duplicate the flower shape and position it on your hexagon grid as you like. Select all and weld together.

Step 7: Take 2 circles and position one over the other making one slightly smaller so that you can see an even outline between the two. Select both layers and use the slice tool.

Step 8: Keep the circle outline and position at the top of the hexagons. This will be to thread your cord to create a wall hanging so ensure the hole is big enough. Select all and weld together.

Step 9: If you would like to add a little bee (made with free shapes too!) select this link that will take you to the Hobbycraft Blog I created creating the bee design!

Step by step instructions on how to correctly use your Cricut Maker Machine, knife blade and basswood.
How to use basswood in the Cricut Maker Machine

Step 10: Place your basswood onto the strong grip mat in the top left corner. Press down to ensure it's nice and stuck down. Use masking tape on all four sides. Ensure your knife blade and housing are correctly inserted into the Maker Machine and get cutting!

Step 11: If you also cut out a bee shape, use a glue gun to adhere your bee to the hexagons.

It is easy to make, super beautiful and there is a how to assemble video on my Instagram here and both creating the designs is design space and the assembling video on my TikTok here in case you need a bit of visual guidance.

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

Rebecca Marie Creative


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