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Woodland Pegs Using FREE designs from Cricut Design Space!

Hey guys! I am so happy to share another project utilising free designs from Cricut Design Space. I love making these projects because for all the Cricut viewers out there you really can make a long with me!

These designs are so adorable and look great on the desk to hold reminders and positive little notes for me!

You will need

Cricut Machine and Design Space

Cricut Designs: Love Tree, Bunny, Deer, Mushroom and Squirrel on a Stump


Glue gun and gluesticks

Mini pegs

String or twine

How to make:

1. Go into the store in Design Space. This is under the 'images' tab.

2. In the top bar, you will see the filter option - click this!

3. You will see a drop down, next tick the box next to 'Free'

4. Search for Love Tree, Bunny, Deer, Mushroom and Squirrel on a Stump for all shapes used.

5. For Squirrel on a Stump change from Print then cut to just cut on the top editing bar. Now in the layers panel ungroup the shape so you can change the colours of each shape.

6. Mushroom, Squirrel on a Stump and Love tree will all need a base to glue all the sections down to. Duplicate the shape and merge all the pieces together so that you have a solid background. For mushroom once cut you will need to draw around the shape and cut with a pair of scissors.

7. Cut your shapes

8. Assemble the shapes together – I use tweezers and clear dry glue like PVA and fine paint brush.

9. Using a glue gun, stick the mini pegs to the back of each shape.

10. Place the pegs on the twine and there you go! Adorable pegs made quickly!

As always you can see more inspiration on my Instagram!

Be sure to check out my downloads page for free papers, design files and crochet patterns here!

Thanks for reading!



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