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How to create a sun and rainbow using free shapes in Cricut Design Space!

Sun and rainbow wall art for kids bedroom papercraft idea

These two designs: a sun and rainbow are so easy to create in Cricut Design Space without needed to buy any shapes. You only use the free shapes provided! This is perfect for beginners to get an understanding of how easy it is to create your own designs in Design Space.

If you are new to Cricut and want a break down of what all the options and tools are in Design Space, read here first.

This design brightens up everyone's day! During the pandemic, we have seen the rainbow as a symbol of hope throughout the UK and a thank you to our NHS who are our real life heroes spending every day on the front line and saving lives.

You could use this design to say thank you to our NHS in a number of ways! Here are a few other ideas as to how you could use this design...

Imagine it on a tote bag using iron on or Infusible Ink? It would look beautiful! A card to say you miss someone during lockdown? Or some wall art for the home!

That is how I have used this design today, but this design could be used easily with any of the above ideas!

Let’ get started!

You will need a Cricut machine (Maker, Explore Air family or Joy will be able to cut this).



Clear Dry Glue


3D foam Pads (optional)


Sun Instructions...

Select 2 circles. One will be the sun centre. The other circle unlock by clicking on the lock icon and reshape to a small oval.

Select a square and unlock resizing to a thin rectangle. Position the oval at the end of the rectangle, positioning so the outer lines smoothly overlap. Duplicate the oval and position on the other end. Select both ovals and the rectangle and weld together. This is one of your suns rays.

Duplicate this and position around the circle middle. Once you have all the rays select all and weld together.

Rainbow Instructions...

Select a circle and a square. Overlap the square halfway on the circle. Select both layers and use the slice tool. Next keep the half circle and duplicate this. Make one bigger than the other and overlap so that you can see an even strip overlapping. Select both circles an use the slice tool. You now have one of your rainbow stripes.

Duplicate the stripe making it smaller each time so that it fits into the previous stripe. Select all layers and group together so that you can easily move the rainbow around the page.

That's it. A super quick creation, perfect for beginners and those who want to understand how to create your own designs in Cricut Design Space. If you would like to find out more, subscribe to the newsletter here and you can receive a free PDF guide that details my top tips and guidance on how to create your own designs in Cricut Design Space and even has 3 free tutorials too!

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